Model: Polina
The Studio's logo, which serves as the first aspect of its identity, is made up of twin-like initials. It has a distinct, balanced structure with reassuring calligraphic style, like any logo should and it creates the visual illusion resembling a ribbon wrapped around something. As it has a free and enthusiastic spirit, the color palette is vibrant and warm.
Typography is the ID's other essential aspect. Due to its professional posture and aesthetic taste, the font in use is "Gothia Serif," which belongs to the Swedish font designer @lettersfromsweden.​​​​​​​
The four-colored monogram is another aspect we intended to represent the value of flexible ideas, broad minds, and the importance of shaping objects into artistic forms. As an assisting element, two “S” letters intertwine to connect two spots together. For self-promotional intentions, photoshoots of a model has been turned into symmetrical and harmonious, blotted compositions.

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