We created visual identity and brand image inspired by the blend of ancient cultural mosaic of the Aegean and Brooklyn bohemian for Su'juk, an eclectic life-style boutique and vintage store.
The brief was revised to transform our previous Aegean sandal project into a new visual identity for Su'juk. The graphic elements that emerged during the “Susu” branding work were very applicable for the Su'juk brand but had to be transformed. For our client's brand, the challenge was creating a visual world that was inspired by Aegean cultural codes and would appeal to Brooklynites who know how to enjoy life and have fine taste. 
The logotype is a custom-made font with a fresh and ancient feel, soft forms, a bit of a hippie and bohemian vibe, and calligraphic structures. The warm and positive colors of the Aegean and the ancient artifacts discovered in the area inspired us to create a harmonious color palette for the store.

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