Wild Kind Beauty, Brooklyn-based beauty studio specializing in focused corrective skin therapy, customized brow artistry and facial/body waxing. In line with the renewal needs of the brand, we have completely changed the visual identity. We made a connection between the brand identity and the concept of beauty treatment as a true experience, from the beginning to the last moment. Inspired by wormholes in space, we made a reference to WKB's beauty rituals' transformation process.
The logomark for WKB is inspired by black holes and wormholes, and it represents a portal to another universe. The logo consists of intertwined irregular shapes forming a portal, a walk-through that starts a journey of self-discovery and change when you walk in and leave yourselves in the safe hands of WKB on this magical journey. Deep purple as the main color stands for the unknown and mysterious aspects of the universe. Light blue, pink, and orange-colored layers symbolize the diversity and dynamism of this galactic passageway of change and renewal.

Combining the logo's several layers and vibrant color palette, the WKB Monogram is constructed from a condensed typography made up of initials.

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