Superbad is an Istanbul-based creative communication and image-making studio born to form unconventional concepts. Inside a self-described creative space of freedom, we focus on creating meaningful stories, building dialogues, and evoking senses.
Meet our creative director and co-creator, Alican Pek. He has gained experience in advertising and design for over ten years, both individually and in agencies, and has had the chance to work with a wide variety of brands. His experience has helped him work in a variety of disciplines, but his interests lie mostly in typography and motion graphics. He defines himself as "a sarcastic person who believes the devil is in the details." Sound and music are areas of intense fascination for him to experiment with. He is a member of the Graphic Designers Professional Association (GMK). 

"We are inspired by the passion and joy of making art, which keeps us in touch with our inner kids and encourages us to constantly be creative. With every task, we strive to improve ourselves while exceeding our clients’ expectations with outstanding work. We seek to achieve exceptional results by utilizing our perfectionist horizon. Nothing motivates us more than witnessing our ideas become reality."
Cem Yurdakul, one of our co-creators, has had a lifelong interest in photography. After moving to South Florida in 2013, he grew interested in capturing nature and cityscapes. Inspired by the city of Miami, he changed his route and opted to pursue a career in fashion, swimwear, and editorial photography. Now back in Istanbul, he is forming Voltron with his partner in crime, Alican Pek, and is eager to seek out new prospects to produce more cool stuff for Superbad Studio’s superbad clients.

Our sercives : Creative communication • Image-making • Branding • Art direction • Graphic design • Photography & Video • Motion graphics
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